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These are some of the questions that are frequently asked.

When was YAEMcare established?

YAEMcare was founded in Nigeria in 2019.

Where does YAEMcare work?

For now, YAEMcare focuses on Rivers State, implementing long-term programs to fight poverty, responding to hunger, and advocating for policy change to improve the lives of the poorest people.

Where is YAEMcare located?

We are headquartered in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Who is allowed to supports YAEMcare?

Anyone with good intentions can support YAEMcare. Individuals, corporations, foundations, governmental agencies and other organizations can support YAEMcare.

How can I make a donation in honor of someone?

Gifts in honor of someone can be made online here by entering the honoree’s name and the address for sending the acknowledgement. By phone, in honor donations can be made by calling 08099890010. Please be ready to provide the honoree’s address.

What address should I use to mail in my donation?

Click here to learn how to send your donation to YAEMcare’s secure, authorized donation processor.

If I am an international donor, can I still make a donation to YAEMcare?

No matter where you live, you can support YAEMcare’s poverty-fighting programs. Donate online now.

Where do my donations go?

The majority of our donors want their gift to be used wherever the need is greatest. This allows YAEMcare the flexibility to use resources as efficiently as possible. YAEMcare’s financial records are available to the public. Ninety percent of our expended resources support program activities. Ten percent of expended resources go toward administrative and fundraising expenditures. We conform to the highest accounting and financial standards.

Is my donation restricted to one state?

Donations to YAEMcare go to support our poverty-fighting programs in poor states nationwide. This gives us the flexibility to channel funds to wherever the needs are greatest.

Can I donate clothes, food or other supplies?

Yes, whenever possible, YAEMcare model of operation is based on Resources Recycling.

Can I volunteer for YAEMcare?

Yes, YAEMcare is widely open for volunteers with the spirit of love to join.

How can I or my company partner with YAEMcare for fundraising opportunities?

There are several ways you and/or your company can get involved in YAEMcare’s poverty-fighting mission.
• Many companies match their employees’ charitable contributions. Click here to learn more.
• Support one of YAEMcare’s annual events or marketing programs, such as our annual YAEMcare Conference & Celebration or our YAEMcare Package campaign.
• Consider hosting brown-bag lunches on YAEMcare’s work at your company, include YAEMcare in your internal communications materials or feature YAEMcare on your intranet site or CSR pages.
• By sharing information about YAEMcare with your consumers, customers and partners, you help multiply the reach of YAEMcare’s work.
• To learn more, please contact us by e-mail or phone at +2348099890010.

How can I work for YAEMcare?

Job opportunities, including short-term consulting openings, can be found in our careers section.

Does YAEMcare offer financial assistance or grants?

YAEMcare is not a funding agency and therefore does not provide financial support directly to individuals or organizations. Instead, YAEMcare works in partnership with governments, organizations, and communities to create lasting solutions to poverty.

Does YAEMcare provide scholarships?

No, YAEMcare does not provide scholarships or student loans. YAEMcare is not a funding agency and, therefore, does not provide financial support directly to individuals or organizations.

How can I sponsor a child?

YAEMcare does not offer a child sponsorship program. Instead, we encourage your support of entire communities through our overall poverty-fighting efforts, which we know is the most effective way to alleviate poverty.

Are you a religious-based organization?

YAEMcare is a nonsectarian organization, meaning we are not affiliated with any particular religion or belief system.

Can I use the YAEMcare name and/or logo to raise awareness of your work?

Yes, if used in compliance with YAEMcare’s terms and conditions. Click here for detailed information.

How do I get permission to reprint a YAEMcare story or video?

Please read the instructions here to request such permission.

How do you pay for telemarketing services?

Ninety percent of YAEMcare’s expended resources go directly to our aid efforts in impoverished communities worldwide. Only Ten percent goes to overhead, which includes fundraising costs like telemarketing. We keep our expenses as low as possible by diligently seeking the most competitive rates for such services.

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