Why YAEMcare Is The Best Platform To Volunteer.

Why YAEMcare Is The Best Platform To Volunteer.

Haven taking out time to inquire from many Nigerians why people don’t love to volunteer in Nigeria. We receive many comments from people. And we grouped the comments into 3 categories.





We at YAEMcare took our time to streamline all the points mentioned by the people we interacted with, and we came up with a good structure to help solve most of the challenges hindering people from volunteering. 

Let’s look at the points and see how YAEMcare provides a better options.

  1. Time Consuming
  2. Financial Involvement
  3. Lack of Awareness
  4. Ineffective Structure
  5. Poor Management
  6. Lack of Accountability & Transparency
  7. Unclear Vision 

Time Consuming

In YAEMcare, our operation provides a flexible time structure for volunteers. Each volunteer has the option to choose the perfect time convenient for him/her to volunteer. 


Financial Involvement

In YAEMcare, we don’t task volunteer with financial responsibilities. Our model is basically Resources Recycling. 


Lack of Awareness

YAEMcare is currently channeling 40 % of her project to awareness creation, sensitization and mobilization. Educating the people on the need for volunteering.

Ineffective Structure

The structure of YAEMcare is uniquely designed for positive results. We create room for innovation and development.

Poor Management

We have a dedicated team with passion for growth and sustainability. We challenge ourselves to the highest level of knowledge and performance, tapping the best of the human spirit to create impact.

Lack of Accountability & Transparency

We provide monthly report on our operation to the people and partners we humbly serve, making sure that every donation we receive is accounted for.

Unclear Vision

Our Vision is very clear and direct. Our vision is to recycle God’s blessings to reach out to the less privileged.

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